A Guide Through the Astrological Signs: Holiday Edition!

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A Guide Through the Astrological Signs: Holiday Edition!

A Guide Through the Astrological Signs: Holiday Edition! 

First Up and Coming in Hot: Fire Signs.

Well, Christmas 2020 sure will be a holiday to remember, huh? The world’s upside down, we’ll be buying more gifts online than ever before. Of course, there’s always that friend or family member who’s tough to shop for - or maybe you just don’t have a knack for gift giving. Here’s where astrology can help you - people are complex and have way more to them than being defined by just their sun sign, but whether we like it or not, we are very influenced by our sun signs and for that reason, the stars can totally guide you to find the right gift! Think of sun signs as being the “overarching narrative” of a person’s life. To clarify what exactly these narratives and traits are, we’ll first deal with our fiery friends - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius - to help clarify their holiday season behaviour (or misbehaviour), and the best bet on gift buying for them. We’re not biased here or anything, but the easiest and guaranteed best bet for any of them is to buy them a supremely comfy and stylish Labels by Lyons hoodie or hat! 


Aries (March 21 - April 20) 

Symbol: Ram

Element: Fire (Cardinal)  

Crash and burn baby! Ride or die! Being a cardinal sign these fiery and passionate rams will leap headfirst into any new plan or idea that has caught their fancy; this can result in them being both brave leaders or naive kids in turn. Usually, they are terrific at plowing forward to achieve their goals but if their grand plans end up in disaster, they are quick to jump up, say “I’m fine!” and start something new with an energy that’s awesome. Aries have huge, open hearts - just don’t get them angry because you will get burned. Luckily (and unlike Scorpios who hold grudges for all eternity), Aries rage dies out as quickly as it flares and they’ll be ready to be friends again in a heartbeat. 

Shopping for an Aries: Aries tend to be unsentimental about gifts or holidays and they are the best sign to just ask what they want. They will appreciate that and they will tell you exactly what they want. Seriously. Just ask them. Because if you go wrong with their gift they’ll be mildly annoyed that money was wasted on something they won’t use - they loathe anything in life that isn’t directly to the point. 

Aries Holiday Behaviour: Aries bring their huge enthusiasm to parties - you better bet they will eat the most, drink the most and stay the latest, egging everyone else on to stay late and have more as well. Don’t be surprised if they shoot their mouth at your racist uncle. They will phone you the next day hungover and ask you what they did or said.

Leo (July 23 - August 23) 

Symbol: Lion

Element: Fire (Fixed) 

Leos are divas and none of them are going to deny it. Self-expression is their birthright and the spotlight belongs on them (even the shy ones shine behind the scenes). They glow. Full of love and enthusiasm - unless you’ve seriously crossed them or someone they love - they will be your ultimate hype-beast; if you’re down they’ll pick you up, and they’ll sing your praises to others. Leos don’t think they’re gorgeous, they know they’re gorgeous. Lavishly compliment them and they’ll think you are appropriately intelligent. As much as you’d like to begrudge them for their inflamed confidence, it’s usually impossible because they are just so damn warm. Self-possessed and pretty much capable of anything, these majestic beasts are kings of the jungle for a reason.  

Shopping for a Leo: Leos love gifts. Everyone does, but Leo loves gifts the most. If you do a “25 Days of Christmas,” a gift a day until the big day (with more gifts) sort of thing for a leo, they will be purring in your lap. Go big or go home with them. If you’re hard-up on cash, even just sincere compliments as opposed to gifts for the “25 Days” will do just fine. 

 Leo Holiday Behaviour: With as much enthusiasm as an Aries (but with much more grace), you want a Leo at your holiday gathering. They’ll warm up any stiff small talk, they’ll start up the dance floor and will be dressed to kill (Leo women especially)! They’ll take a million pictures all night and ask random people to take pics of them as well. Better bet they’ll have taken a million pre-party selfies. Basically, you want a Leo on your team no matter what - they are self-possessed and an asset to any situation. 

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 22) 

Symbol: Centaur/Archer

Element: Fire (Mutable)

Sagittarius are mutable signs which means they are very changeable: they are known to be extremely violent and/or wise, brave and/or mild. These centaurs are independent to a fault and very likely don’t believe in astrology. They hate to be confined or told what to do, they are free thinkers who are very philosophical. Because they are so intelligent and mutable, they can pick up a conversation with anybody and speak with enthusiasm and at length. They love to talk ideas, they love spontaneity and are themselves spontaneous (don’t be at all surprised if your Sag girlfriend slaps you mid-conversation for no apparent reason). They are great friends and a terrific sounding board who will help you dissect your problems and see things more clearly. 

Shopping for a Sagittarius: Because they are autodidacts and lovers of ideas, any “thinking person’s book” is a safe bet or a subscription to an ideas-based magazine. Similar to Aries, these guys shoot straight (hence being archers) so asking them directly what they want is a safe bet. Honestly, they probably aren’t very invested in tradition anyway. They’d be far more pleased if you just show up with a thoughtful gift for them on some random Tuesday.  

Sagittarius Holiday Behaviour: Whether they show up or not will be a mystery, but if they do, expect to find them having deep conversations with people throughout the night. Unless they’re sober they will say an enthusiastic Yes to all holiday libations. Don’t be surprised if they already know everybody in the room - even the most introverted Sagittarians are deeply curious and social. If you have all three fire signs at the same party, watch them naturally flock together because they are 100% fire-birds of a feather. While fire signs can be a bit “much” for others, mutually, they just “get” each other.