Classic Pisces Traits

Classic Pisces Traits


Pisces (February 20 - March 20) 

Symbol: The Fish

Element: Water (Mutable)

Finally, we have the dreamy Pisces: where Aries people are considered the “babies of the zodiac,” Pisces people are considered the “oldest” of the zodiac, containing traits of all astrological signs at once. Pisces are often lost in the depths of their emotions, swimming whilst not knowing whether they are going up or down.

There’s not much you can get past a Pisces person since they are so highly intelligent - they are also deeply compassionate people with enormous imaginations.

Quite often they have natural psychic or intuitive gifts and are drawn to the arts. They are always insightful conversationalists and time with them is very intellectually fulfilling. 

Notable Pisces' are Rihanna, Steve Jobs, Floyd Mayweather, Eva Mendes and Daniel Craig!

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