Four Classic Scorpio Traits

Four Classic Scorpio Traits


Scorpio (October 23 - November 22) 

Symbol: Scorpion 

Element: Water (Fixed) 

Scorpios have a fearsome reputation for good reason. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever find a Scorpio who does not admit to being “very Scorpio.” What does that mean? Think of Morticia Addams - her penetrating eyes, witchy ways, dark proclivities and spooky countenance - all “very Scorpio.”

Scorpios want to get beneath the surface of things in all ways - psychologically, especially. Like their symbol the scorpion, Scorpios have a sting alright - if you wrong them, they will utilize their psychological insight into your deepest psyche to deliver a venom that feels deadly; plus, they’ll deliver it so subtly you will not have seen it coming but will definitely know when it arrives!

Like all the water signs, however, Scorpios are actually very emotionally sensitive: if wronged they tend to hold grudges for a long time, but on the other hand, they are the most loyal friend.  

Some of our favourite Scorpios include Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Gates, and Katy Perry!