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Welcome to LBL!

 My name is Christian Lyons and first of all, I’m a Libra. I started making these products out of a fascination I had with the power of astrology. After a couple years I realized I'm not really passionate or have any knowledge about astrology. My true passion is animals, wildlife, and eco-sytems. I also happen to be a Libra who was born with a disease called Cystic Fibrosis.

I was born October 19th, 1993 in London, Ontario. I love baseball and maybe that has to do with my middle name being Patrick, after Pat Borders, the catcher. A legend. I was diagnosed before birth and so it was a complicated delivery. Babies with CF easily get pneumonia and organ complications. Those complications have stayed with me. I now have cirrhosis of the liver which was pushing hard on my stomach.

A medical team helped insert a shunt that takes the pressure of my organs, most importantly my heart. I like exercise, I’d love to do it more but living with this disease makes exercise hard on my mind and especially on my body. Often I think, “why exercise if it’s only going to make me sicker?” Because of this I’ve lived with my mom for my life so far and since the age of 18 I’ve been on disability. You might imagine that it’s not easy on me or anybody. You’d be right. Despite it all, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and I’m doing something that helps take my mind off the disease and also something that makes others happy.

This company is that something. Cystic doesn’t own me, I own my life, I don’t want my mom to take care of me anymore after so long. My goal is to be completely independent, have a hot girlfriend OBVIOUSLY, and own my life.

So all that aside, what’s your sign?

Thats me, second from the left.

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